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Essential Reading

The following books are essential to help you understand T'ai Chi Ch'uan

  • The Essence of T’ai Chi Ch’uan - Lo/Inn/Amacker/Foe - Translation of the T'ai Chi “Classics”
  • T'ai Chi Ch’uan Ta Wen - Chen Wei-Ming - Translation by Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo and Robert Smith
  • T’ai Chi Ch’uan - Cheng Man-ch’ing - North Atlantic Books (1981) - Brief, comprehensive, clear photos
  • Chen Tzu’s Thirteen Treatises on T’ai Chi Ch’uan - Translation by Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo and Martin Inn

Class Texts

Here is a list of texts in PDF format that you'll find helpful in your Tai Chi studies with us. Each item includes a link by which you can download the document.
  • Our TAI CHI FUNDAMENTALS HANDBOOK has traditionally been given out as hard copy to new students in our "Tai Chi Fundamentals" class. This Handbook is designed to be a valuable preliminary resource for new students - as well as a refresher for ongoing practitioners (with more in depth information available later).
  • For our new students seeking a visual reference for our "T'AI CHI FUNDAMENTALS - SECTION I" form, here you will find illustrations of the 18 basic postures of our "Section I" class (based on the "First Third" of Cheng Man-Ch'ing's Tai Chi form). These illustrations correspond to the information previously given on page 10 of our "Tai Chi Fundamentals Handbook". In addition to these postures, the classroom experience serves to provide detailed instruction on accomplishing the in-depth "transitions" between the individual postures... as well as some degree of their basic functionality in terms of the "physics" involved.
  • In addition, for intermediate level Tai Chi students, we now also have online our four INTERMEDIATE MILLSTONE TURNING exercises - which will serve to greatly expand on your No. 3 "Warm-up" variation on Pg. 2 of your "TAI CHI FUNDAMENTALS HANDBOOK". If practiced diligently, these more advanced exercises will surely help speed you along on your way to higher level Tai Chi skills.

Recommended Reading

These books will further help you in your T'ai Chi Ch'uan study

  • Concepts for Taji Partner Training-Dalu: The Four-Corner Push-Hands Training Method - Stephen J. Goodson - This book is a little "jewel", as it not only fills a void in Tai Chi literature (specifically the method of "Dalu"), but perhaps even more importantly, it clarifies an age-old closely guarded Tai Chi secret - the subtle phenomena of "Ti-Fang"!
  • Chinese Boxing: Masters and Methods - Robert W. Smith - Masters in Taiwan
  • There Are No Secrets - Wolfe Lowenthal - Reveals insights into the Professor's methods and his Shr Jung school
  • Gateway To The Miraculous - Wolfe Lowenthal - Further explorations into the Tao of Cheng Man Ching.
  • Searching For The Way - Nigel Sutton - Explores Cheng Man-ch'ing’s lineage in Malaysia
  • Cheng Man-Ch'ing's Advanced T'ai-Chi Form Instructions - Douglas Wile - contains some of Professor Cheng's never before translated form instructions
  • T'ai-chi Touchstones: Yang Family Secret Transmissions - Douglas Wile - Translation of concepts and principles revealed by three generations of the Yang family
  • Tao Te Ching - Lao Tsu - Translation by Gia-Fu Feng and Jane English - Primary source of Taoist philosophy
  • Chuang Tzu Basic Writings - Translation by Burton Watson - Essential Taoist lessons for life
  • Zen Flesh Zen Bones - Compiled by Paul Reps and Nyogen Senzaki - Four books in one
  • Zen In The Art Of Archery - Eugen Herrigel - Little book but big on meditation aspects applicable to any art



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