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T'ai Chi Ch'uan
Exercise, Moving Meditation, Internal Martial Art

Tai Chi is a graceful, slow moving form of exercise that has ancient roots tracing back into the depths of Chinese culture and philosophy of centuries past. A beneficial daily practice embraced by both young and old alike, its benefits will include increased flexibility and more joint mobility, increased lung capacity, and greater leg and hip strength with an enhanced sense of balance.

After learning the form and making it a personal, daily practice for a length of time, practitioners often find that it can become a form of moving meditation, which can potentially become a means of calming the mind and serve as a welcome antidote to the stresses of modern society.

Tai Chi’s waist turning and low impact weight shifting movements from one leg to the other leg require the mind to concentrate on the internal aspects while at the same time monitor that the body (the external) is moving into correct alignment and is being maintained in a completely relaxed state.

Our Tai Chi Fundamentals class teaches a variety of “Constant Bear” exercises and covers the first third of Cheng Man Ching’s simplified Tai Chi Ch’uan 37-posture form based on the Yang style. This will include an emphasis on correct posture alignment and an in depth study of Tai Chi principles as expressed in the Tai Chi Classics. We also use Ben Lo's five Tai Chi principles as our primary guide in all that we do.

We believe that mastering the first third of the form should, by no means, be seen as a small accomplishment. This, along with the Constant Bear exercises, builds the foundation and the essential structure for learning the complete form that will be offered later. Each posture should be performed with one’s mind focusing on correct Tai Chi principles. If one is unable to physically incorporate and internalize the principles from the Tai Chi Classics into the first third of the form, then learning the complete form will be of little use in the long run.

Novices to Cheng Man Ching’s style of Tai Chi, those with compromised joint health from, for example, knee or hip surgeries, or arthritis, and seniors will find that our Tai Chi Fundamentals class will fill their needs nicely. Those wishing to go on to learn the complete form will have the opportunity after mastering the first third. Some may eventually also enjoy participating in playing “push hands,” that is, two-person training routines to further develop Tai Chi skill. Our push hands is based on the Taoist concept of using softness to overcome hardness or, as the Tai Chi Classics say, “Use four ounces to deflect a thousand pounds.”

Included with the class will be Tai Chi information sheets and literature handed out periodically to enhance the learning experience. No uniform or special equipment is required; however loose fitting clothing and soft, comfortable, flat soled shoes are recommended.

Please navigate to Orange County, Virginia, Parks and Recreation for registration and pricing information for the Tai Chi Fundamentals class on Tuesday evenings, 6:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m., and the Intermediate Tai Chi class on Thursday evenings, 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m., both held at the Dogwood Village Wellness Room on Dogwood Lane in the Town of Orange, Virginia.



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